Who we are
An integrated renewable energy corporation

Convalt Energy, Inc. founded in 2011 is a portfolio company of ACO Investment Group. Our life began with renewable power development in extremely challenging frontier markets. We started to develop projects in South East Asia and Africa. Over the years, we really understood development and were one of the very few companies to execute bankable power purchase agreements in extremely difficult markets. With this experience, we started to grow.

Our power generation business develops, operates and maintains solar power plants, waste to power plants and we are in the midst of developing wind power projects. Convalt now is gearing to become a global independent renewable power company where we are diversified across regions and diversified in generation resources. With more than 180 employees globally, we are looking to grow.

In 2022, we will also become a large manufacturer of solar panels in the U.S as we have acquired SunPower’s solar manufacturing lines in Hillsboro, Oregon. Our management team has extensive and hands on experience with more than 100 years of collective experience in renewable power development and includes a very experienced team that knows what it takes to run a manufacturing plant. Our headquarters is also moving to Watertown, New York where we would be establishing our manufacturing plants.

Our Businesses
Daring and Caring

What’s life without aspiration? So we think about where the world is going to be in 50 years and start building towards that. In the end, everything we do is about making our planet a better place to live for the generations to come. There are a number of people focusing on Mars and other planetary adventures. We care about this place and making it cleaner and cooler!

Our DNA from day one was taking on extremely challenging projects. This has not changed and we continue to brave it out. If there is one thing we do well – we continue to stick with our vision and plan no matter how difficult it is. That’s who we are. Belief with passion and determination!


For years, America lost out on solar manufacturing. In the second half of 2022, our acquisition of SunPower’s Hillsboro (Oregon) manufacturing lines will come online – we should become the second largest panel manufacturer in America.

EV Charging

Electric Vehicle charging is going to be needed across the country and at homes. Convalt EV will be developing this business starting in New York and California and gradually expanding across America.

Power Generation

As an American firm, we started in Asia and then Africa. But now we are back home and expect to announce some of the largest renewable developments. We especially like solar, wind, waste to power and storage. MACS 911 is our first major project in America!

Power Transmission

New transmission supergrids are going to be needed to switch to renewable power in mass scale. Our American Supergrid proposes to develop one of the boldest initiatives in power grid development. Work with us on executing this – humanity needs it!