Convalt Energy India Private Limited (“Convalt”), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Convalt Energy, Inc. It is an American-based global independent power producer owned by investment firm ACO Investment Group (“ACO”). Convalt is focused on developing, owning, and operating renewable energy assets, especially solar, wind, hydro, waste-to-power, biomass, and geothermal.

Redan Infrastructure Private Limited (RIPL), established in 2009, is a private limited company incorporated under the Companies Act (No. 1 of 1956). Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, RIPL developed and constructed this 7.5 MW AC waste-to-power plant that runs on industrial waste feedstock. The plant was commissioned and made operational with a Commercial Operation Date (“COD”) of March 31, 2015.

However, due to limited working capital available to the original promoters, the plant became a distressed asset in 2016. Convalt entered into an agreement with the lenders and the original promoters in December 2016 and closed the acquisition in June 2020 but has been operating the plant since December 2016.

Convalt will be improving the infrastructure at the plant in the next 18 months to develop cold storage facilities in conjunction with power generation to serve the agriculture sector as we generate enough steam to power chillers needed for cold storage.


Project Overview

Power Off-taker:

Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Corporation Limited (”APSDCL”)


Palamaner, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Project Surface Area:

14 Acres

Commercial Operation Date:

March 2015

Financial Advisor:

ACO Investment Group

Technical Advisor:

Convalt Energy

Lead Debt Arranger:

ACO Investment Group

Operations and Management:

Convalt Energy India Private Limited

Plant Size:

7.5 MW

Operating Status:

Fully Permitted and Operating

Plant Type:

Waste to Energy Power Plant (WTE)

Number of Employees:

69 Full Time + 104 Contract Employees = 173 Employees

Total Investment:

60 crores INR ($8.3 million USD)

Projected Revenues:

FY23 40 Crores INR ($5.6 million USD)

Plant Location:

Gangavaram, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India



Thermodyne Technologies. Bi-drum Water Tube Boiler, Top Supported, Pneumatic Spreader with Travelling Grate. Max Continuous Rating (MCR) 40tons/hr.


Triveni Turbines. Turbine system consisting of Multistage Turbine, Gearbox, Coupling, Governing system, Lubricating system, Accessories, AC Generator, Control and instrumentation, and Panels for operation, protection and synchronization for generating power up to 8 MW.

Air Cooled Condenser

Paharpor Cooling Towers Ltd. Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) which facilitates reduced water consumption, to condense steam vapors from the turbine.


The TG generates power at 11 kV level. In-house power requirement is met by stopping down the voltage level to 415 V through a step down transformer.
The surplus power of 6.75 MW is stepped up to 33kV level and connected to the APTRANSCO sub-station at Melumai which is at a distance of approximately 2 km from the plant.

De-mineralization Plant

The raw water for chemical treatment comes from the transfer pump of main water storage reservoir. The RIPL_GP DM plant is sized to meet the makeup requirement of the steam. The DM plant consists of two streams of adequate capacity each. Each stream has pressure filter, RO plant, Cat-ion, An-ion, De-gaser, mixed bed system. The system is parallel connected and manually operated.

Distribution Control System

The Distributed Control System (DCS), custom designed and installed by VRL Automation Limited, facilitates the centralized management of the entire power plant. The following are the components of DCS deployed at RIPL-GP.

Fuel Conveyer and Storage System

The plant utilizes dual Belt Conveyer Systems for fuel handling inclusive of seperate storage bunkers and hoppers.
One Belt Conveyer System is used for Poultry Litter and Husk while the second Belt Conveyer system is used for other materials.


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