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Committed to revitalizing solar panel manufacturing in America, Convalt is building a manufacturing facility in Upstate New York, supporting American jobs. In April 2021, Convalt Energy acquired SunPower’s solar panel tools and equipment from their facility in Hillsboro, Oregon. This facility was initially built in 2009 by SolarWorld and acquired by SunPower in 2018.

In addition, Convalt is planning to install up to three new production lines to support demand from utility scale developers while the former SunPower lines support the residential and BIPV segment of the solar industry.

Convalt Energy’s comprehensive panel portfolio ensures maximum flexibility to address all your energy needs.



Convalt’s panels are engineered to
operate flawlessly in real-world



Convalt ensures your solar panels
operate with uncompromised
performance and dependable



Convalt delivers more energy over
a system's lifetime, powering your
path to more predictable savings

Convalt Energy Solar Panels


Your solar panel choice matters

  • Maximize your savings and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Convalt Energy’s top durability, reliability, and efficiency, all backed by the industry's leading warranty.
  • Record-setting Convalt Energy panels ensure that you have the best for your home or business.

Our first factory, a 2 GW solar module factory, is targeted to go live by Q1 2024. It is expected to be the second-largest solar module factory in America.

Additionally, Convalt is looking to establish an ingot, wafer and cell factory with a capacity of 10 GW by Q1 2025, making this the largest solar cell factory in the United States.

Other factories include a solar module recycling factory. It is expected to go live by December 2024 in East Millinocket, Maine.