Parts of Solar Panel

The individual layers of a solar panel consist of the following:
Frontal glass or film and in many cases backside glass
Film – mostly EVA
Solar cell
Film – mostly EVA
Back sheet or film
*Glass and aluminum are relatively easy to recycle once the module is disassembled. We separate aluminum and glass parts, which are recycled and reused for new parts. Other elements, which are encapsulated using plastic films, are technically complex to separate. Convalt Energy is working on new technologies to recycle the silicon and silver buried in old PV modules once the encapsulated films are removed. Then we can recycle the solar cells and metals including silver and copper.

Our first factory will be located in East Millinocket, Maine, at the site of Great Northern Paper Mill. This project will be developed once we obtain all the necessary permits and approvals from the various local, state, and federal agencies.

Recycling Project


:  Mid-stage development


:  East Millinocket, Maine

Construction Start Date

:  June 2023

Commercial operation Date

:  November 2023

Annual Capacity

:  3,000 MW

Convalt and its construction arm, Lincoln Infrastructure, are setting up one of America’s largest solar recycling factories to recycle a large portion of discarded solar panels. This factory would be America’s largest recycling plant, producing Tier 1 panels for residential, commercial, & industrial, and utility-scale solar projects.

Convalt Energy provides a full turnkey solution:

Demolition or
dismantling services
of existing solar farms

Remove modules and
send them to
recycling facility

Raw material